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How do I get my stamped Schedule

Purpose of Schedule 1 copy:

  • To report all the vehicles using their VINs (Vehicle Identification Number) for which you are reporting your tax. The very purpose of filing form 2290 in simple words.
  • As a proof of payment to register / renew your vehicles, license plates, tag’s with the states and other legal authorities.
  • You would need to present this IRS stampedschedule 1 copy when you lease contract your truck.
  • More than all, you need this to run/operate your heavy vehicle on any public highway.

2290 e-file Form 2290 schedule – 1 utilized as a proof of installment to enlist the vehicles recorded with the specialists. this calendar – 1 proof of installment is stamped and returned by irs with the e-document watermark and date it got the arrival for preparing.

What do you need to know?

A Schedule 1 is used to report the vehicles that have paid their Heavy Vehicle Use Tax 2290 forms, including suspended vehicles that were exempt from the paying taxes but still needed to report. The 2290 Schedule 1 can also be used as a proof of payment of registering your vehicle(s) (unless specifically exempted) in any state. You can use the copy of your IRS watermarked Schedule 1 for this purpose.

Get a Stamped Schedule 1

If you’re filing for 25 vehicles or more, you are required to e-file your IRS Form 2290 That’s the rule! But we’re also here to encourage e-filing for anyone who wants to file their vehicle’s Form 2290 and receive their stamped Schedule 1 in the fastest manner.

The watermarked Schedule 1 will be emailed directly to your email address and should your Form 2290 be rejected for any reason, you will receive an email explaining why. The Form 2290 Schedule 1 may also be accessed in a PDF format from the Dashboard.