• What you can’t do?
  • VIN Correction can be only done for Taxable or suspended vehicles and not for credit vehicles or for prior suspended vehicles.
  • When you file VIN Correction form 2290, you can’t combine it with claiming credits on the same form.
  • The wrong VIN must have been paid for in the original form 2290. Otherwise, IRS will assess penalties on top of the actual tax.

Correction Type Support
Typo in the VIN Choose VIN Correction amendment on Form 2290 Call 2290 Irs tax at 615-6013-983
Weight of the vehicle Increased Choose Form 2290 amendment Call 2290 Irs Tax at 615-6013-983
Suspended vehicles exceeded mileage Choose Form 2290 Amendment Call 2290 Irs Tax at 615-6013-983
EIN number or Business name is wrong Can’t be changed using Form 2290 Call the IRS excise Hotline at 866.699.4096